15 November 2012

West Hollywood

We dog sit on occasion. It's practically free money since I'd take care of a dog for free anytime. They always leave a mark as each one is such a kind, gentle soul. We give them nicknames: Ass-Eating-Nico, King Oliver, Normal dog Bentley. This one is Organic Lexy. She had a huge ass and only ate organic human food. Peter once woke up to the smell of sausage and eggs thinking I had made him breakfast. Too bad it wasn't for him.

Topanga State Park Part ii

10 April 2012

14 February 2012

John and Yoko in LA

The bungalow is quirky being previously owned by an British actress, but quite charming. It's plenty of space for two people and we're already settling down nicely. Lynn, our neighbor, greeted me with a smiling face and brought me homemade soup. It made my day!

I am stoked to be living two blocks away from Trader Joe's. There's also a farmer's market every Monday at the park down our street. I cannot wait to hit that up! All I need now is the option to compost...
yes, there is a pink wall. 

yes, that is a bird clock and yes, it chirps different bird calls every hour.

06 February 2012

This is it. The visa has been approved. His room in Nørrebro is empty. Our L.A. bungalow awaits. All that's left is a plane ride and an epic move down. We've been waiting a long time for this. I honestly can't comprehend how we've made it this far but it's about fucking time! John and Yoko finally move in together!!!
Jutland forests (january'11)

17 January 2012

John and Yoko try Disneyland

get a room, ya na$tieZ.

John and Yoko gettin' fatty

Peter came to visit and we cruised on down to LA to see if life was worthing living in this urban jungle. Turns out, LA isn't so bad. We may actually like living here come February. We found the perfect bungalow for two--fully furnished and dirt cheap rent-- but I honestly don't care where the fuck I am at this point. I just want to be in the same city as Peter.

12 December 2011

Møn Steez

We sang and coordinated hops down the many flights of stairs. The tide was high though by the time we made it to Møns Klint that the end of the staircase led to the ocean--a pretty sight. The hard part? Going back up all those stairs. But the best part? Our adventures always keep my ass skinny.

The First of John and Yoko

one of the first photos we took together (Copenhagen)
I miss the days when we used to lay in bed all day eating tubs of ice cream, listening to good music and binging on junk food. I knew this Dane was perfect for me once I saw how much he could vegetate during the weekends.

Bergen, Norway

11 December 2011

Bergen, Norway

There's something about traveling to a place during its off season. I loved the crunching sound of snow beneath my feet, the cozy houses amongst the forest hills, and Peter keeping me warm. He rented a quaint private apartment for us and I will forever love Bergen now.

Møns Klint

Peter's put off by the lack of symmetry but I like the framing of the trees.
I soon realized that I had a hole in my Jeffrey Campbell rain boots. I was too stoked to jump in puddles only to be greeted with nice wet socks.

Årø Nature Reserve

21 November 2011

16 November 2011

Mölle, Sweden

photo by Peter

Nimis and Arx, Sweden

Nimis (1980) and Arx (1991) were created by Lars Vilks, an artist most commonly known for his portrayal of Muhammad in a comic as a roundabout dog. The County Council ordered his pieces be destroyed but creation of the independent country, Ladonia, in June 1996 made these installations now national monuments. This country is not officially recognized and to find these art installations, you must travel to the small town, Mölle, where an old farm will mark the beginning of the forest path that will lead you to these pieces.

off the coast of Sweden

photo by Peter
Nothing is more delightful than jumping from rock to rock only to find the beautiful Swedish coast, especially during sunset. We got lost in the forest and I remember wishing my friends were there so we could take mind altering substances and enjoy what nature has to offer. Coming here was the best idea Peter had. He sure is amazing.

15 November 2011

Årø, Jylland

Peter's family has a cozy summerhouse off a small island, Årø. We went there for the weekend and had to take the ferry to the magical land where there was even a nature reserve for rare plant and bird species. It felt all too surreal to be in the middle of no where but exactly where I wanted to be.

Ladonia, Sweden

hiking through the Swedish forests to find Nimis and Arx, art installations off the coast

fjord exploring in Norway

Flåm, Norway

sledding in Jutland, Denmark

happiness is best experienced when shared

We trekked through the grassy hills of Jægersborg Dyrehave for a little picnic before our museum excursion. He wanted to take pictures but all I could care about was pigging out on chips and drinking Faxe Kondi straight from the bottle. I am a woman of priorities.
It felt like a fairytale though with Eremitageslottet in the background and free ranging kronvildt running around.

Louisiana Museum of Art, Part III

photo by Peter

Louisiana Museum of Art, Part II

Yoko thinks John takes too many photos.
photo by Peter
Yayoi Kusama (Japan 1929)
Louisiana Museum of Art

Gleaming Lights of the Souls, 2008
Sjælenes funklende lys

For at opleve værket skal man gå ind i den hvide boks og lukke døren efter sig. Her møder man en uendelig verden af lys og farver, spejlet i rummets vægge, loft og gulv.

We are John and Yoko.

In the middle of the night. In the middle of the night, I call your name.